Keyword ~ King (S.E.O. encourages teachers to participate in local and global learning networks?)

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Email, social media, RSS feeds, and blogs are all commonly used tools and digital platforms. As an educator, we also use these tools to establish and participate in some learning networks related to my profession. But when you produce this information, you may ask yourself questions. How to let more people see the content you have created? How can I let others find my articles or blogs when they are looking for information? When we think about using digital tools to encourage teachers to participate more actively in different learning networks. But if there is no interaction in the process. It means the Learning networks are not successful at all. So I want to find out us SEO that uses in online marketing. Can assist teachers? I’m definitely not an expert in this area, but I’m trying to use my research and share what I know.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Its function is to increase the quality of website traffic or make it easier to search through keywords. It is mainly used in web search tools such as Google, or social media such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. Because Google needs to do its best to ensure and improve the accuracy and quality of the data they provide to searchers in order to establish the first set of algorithm methods. SEO consists of three parts Quality of traffic, Quantity of traffic, and Organic results. If achieve these three principles, you can improve the content of your published articles on Google.

How to use SEO to improve the learning network on digital platforms:

SEO friendly website

First of all, you must build an SEO-friendly website, so that Google can clearly understand through the algorithm what topics your website is about and what content will be provided. As an example, if my learning network is a discussion about how to use digital technology to help students with learning difficulties learn. Then the domain and title of my website must clearly include relevant keywords, such as digital technology, digital education, learning difficulties, assistance with learning difficulties, etc.

Content create

Because the search system needs to have enough information as the basis for analysis, SEO takes a period of time, through regular and constantly updated content, plus correct and deliberate addition of relevant keywords. Let Google’s algorithm system understand what you are posting. In addition, you also need to ensure that the information you provide is constructive and practical with high-quality information and content. This will increase your ranking on the Google search engine, making it easier for others to find the content you post on the search engine.

evolution of SEO

You must ensure that the keywords you add are accurate. Therefore, when adding keywords, we have to conduct a certain degree of research on each keyword to ensure that these keywords can bring people who are interested in this topic to your website. When performing keyword analysis, you can use the following two tools: 

Keyword everywhere It will provide you with keywords that searchers have a chance to search for the same subject matter in addition to the keywords you choose. You can add more similar keywords to improve accuracy and hit the readers you seek.

Uber suggest 

It can help you understand the average number of people who visited and searched for the keyword you mentioned in the past month. If you find that the keyword you selected has more people searching, it means that you can accurately find what you expect The higher the chances of the audience or readers. At the same time, if you are considering selling ads on Google for your website or blogs. If the search volume of the keyword is higher, it also means that the cost you need to pay will be relative.

From Uber suggest Image 1
From Uber suggest Image 2

Compere Image 1 & 2, you can find that digital learning only have 90 search but E-learning his over 3600 search monthly. That mean if we work to share a blogs about Use digital technology in teaching topics or articles. Use E-learning in the topic can reach more people then digital learning as a keyword.

Tips for SEO use in Youtube 

With the popularity of online videos, teachers may use YouTube as one of the ways to combine learning with the network, but today, when a large number of videos are posted on the Internet every day, how can others find you in search engines? In fact, there is a position called index under every video on YouTube. You only need to add a summary of your video content in this position with text. Of course, you also need to consider adding some keywords related to your upload videos. And if you can add subtitles to your videos. Through these two methods plus SEO, people can still find your upload videos in search engines.

Either email, RSS, or blogs are good ways for teachers to build and participate in different learning networks. But even if I send a lot of thoughts to produce and operate our learning network and the content in it. However, we have neglected to effectively and correctly establish information on the internet. People cannot find the information we provide in this sea of information. In this way, the distribution of information becomes one-way, and the audience and readers are lost to the establishment of the network. The author is at a loss.


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Keyword everywhere

Uber suggest

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