Post Covid-19 a new learning order

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I am not an educator but I always think about what our education system will be in the near future. I still remember a few years ago I was in my friend’s barbershop discuss what the further church worship we be. I told my friend I believe in the near future one of the next generation’s church we be over the internet cloud, and church members’ interactions all happen over the internet and it will be happening very soon. My friend quickly respond to me ‘It is impossible!’ Gust what! it all happens today.

As Rheingold, Howard (2012) suggest in his book, what we need to train and establishment is our attention to face this transformation between people and the society, and not be Dominate by technology (p. 14). I agree with him, we cannot escape the internet, it is truly into ours daily living. I rather learn how to surfing over the ‘internet sea’ and be come a ‘Net Smart’ (Rheingold., 2012, p. 4).

After, a year long epidemic, zoom classroom and online education already become an effective way to continue teaching and learning. However, many friends told me they still cannot accept it, because they don’t want their kids addicted with the electronic and internet in early age. I am not going to judge. But I cannot agree with them, but I do have a questions how long they have spend have with their kids as quality time?


Rheingold, H., & Weeks, A., (2012) Net smart : how to thrive online. MIT Press.

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