Three digital tools and applications you need to know before you start your online class

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EDTC 6104 Community Engagement Project

As a career guiding coach, I must always pay attention to, understand, and research different information and dynamics related to future careers. What are the skills and knowledge most needed in the future? What methods and how much time do people spend to acquire these skills and knowledge? These questions are all that I want to address in this speech. 

Regardless of any coach, establish a good communication relationship, help the coachee found out the problems and solutions. In addition to having to have forward thought, si can lead the coachee to open the future path, continue to grow and progress, and finally set foot on success. In fact, without this forward-looking, it is difficult for a coach to meet the standard of ISTE (3a) establish trusting and respectful coaching relationships that encourage educators to explore new instructional strategies. Because the coachee, this factor will be used to evaluate whether the coaches have the quality and ability to help them succeed.

My target audience is mainly individuals who want to become online course tutors or experts in different industries. With the development of digital technology, our knowledge and learning methods will become fragmented. According to Kate Whiting post, The skills needed in the workplace are also increasing day by day. In the past, a single profession uses as the primary job model. But soon, business leaders will have more requirements for their employees’ abilities and skills. At the same time, they will require their employees to continue to study in a planned and systematic manner during the work process to acquire more skills. (Whiting, K., 2020) More importantly, Kate Whiting quote Forum research in 2025, the business leaders will hope that their employees can learn new knowledge and skills in a short period of about three to six months and apply them to work. (Whiting, K., 2020) And most of the training must be done online or through coaches. (Whiting, K., 2020) 

In addition to this is a huge business opportunity, as educators, or seniors and experts in different industries, how to pass on knowledge to the next generation through online courses, so that our next generation can have quick and easy access anytime, anywhere Tools for learning different knowledge and skills. Therefore, I hope to find and encourage interested people to devote themselves to this online education business through this sharing.

Online courses do have many advantages. For example, it can save space costs. Practices placed online will not disappear, and they can pass it on forever. Producers can keep updating so that the information becomes accurate and close to actual needs. But for many people, without any assistance, will find it difficult and unfamiliar. How to start setting up their online courses? There are also various technical problems and difficulties, budgeting, and many else. They are very easily discouraged and don’t dare to start a business in this area. Therefore, through this time, I hope to share my own experience and hope that I can become a coach for people interested in working in this industry through this opportunity. After all, this is also part of my business. The share will achieve ISTE (3c) requirements: Partner with educators to evaluate the efficacy of digital learning content and tools to inform procurement decisions and adoption. But I hope that through continuous interaction, I can also achieve ISTE (3d) Personalize support for educators by planning and modeling the effective use of technology to improve student learning.  

In sharing, I will provide three tools, LMS, Graphic designing tools, video content, different platforms or applications. Compare the following ranges, including price, marketing, flexibility, sustainability, security, and Technical knowledge requirements. And I will post most of my time analyzing Youtube and Vimeo as a video content publishing and storage platform. Because even if you don’t have the above two tools, you know how to use video content tools. It can also produce the most straightforward online course, and the cost is meager. In the process, I also hope to have some live demo. Demonstrate the advantages and uniqueness of the two tools to the audience, respectively, to learn some related technologies in real-time.

Finally, to be able to keep in touch and interact with the audience after this speech. And attract people to understand more in-depth information. I used the tool Gather to build a virtual library and invited participants to enter the tour after the meeting and set up an appointment system. Allow interested parties to make appointments with me individually, conduct in-depth communication through Zoom, or provide coaching services.


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